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obmm's archiveinvalidation utility contains all the functionality related to oblivions archiveinvalidation.txt file.

For most cases, the default settings should be sufficent for ensuring correct mod operation. Just check the 'autoupdate on exit' checkbox to turn the functionality on.

Reset BSA timestamps
Oblivion only loads files from the data folder instead of the BSA if the file was modified more recently than the BSA. After installing any oblivion patches, the BSA timestamp is increased, so many mods will not work correctly. Use this option to reset the timestamps, so all data files are once again newer than the BSAs

This controls the type of archiveinvalidation file generated by obmm.

BSA invalidation:
This is the old official way of handling archiveinvalidation. It works well in most cases, but if a mod replaces something with a common file name then all other files with the same name may turn purple, regardless of the directory they are in. This is an oblivion bug, so using this method is not recommended. Use it only if you have some phobia of allowing obmm to edit your BSA files.

Creates an archiveinvalidation file containing the line 'Textures/ \s'. This has been proven not to do anything, but some people swear by it anyway, so I've left it in for them.

BSA alteration:
This is the default way of handling archiveinvalidation, originally invented by me. In this case, instead of creating an archiveinvalidation file, the BSA archives are modified to prevent oblivion from finding the original file. There are two issues with this method:
1) Any oblivion patches will detect the changes and refuse to patch the BSA archives. This can be avoided by clicking the 'Remove BSA edits' button before attempting to install any patches.
2) Some files suffer hash collisions, and cannot be edited by this method. obmm can generate a mini archiveinvalidation file containing only these entries.
To avoid BSA corruption, you should use remove the BSA edits before doing anything that may want to alter the BSA's. This includes uninstalling/reinstalling oblivion or installing patches.
In the event of BSA corruption, you can use the 'BSA uncorrupter' utility to restore the BSA to a usable state.

BSA redirection:
This is the very new way of handling archiveinvalidation, originally invented by Quarn. It's a fire once and forget method that uses an empty bsa as a target for oblivions bugged invalidation code, allowing the real BSA's to work as normal. This is likely to become the new default method once some issues regarding facal textures are ironed out.

File types to include
This controls which types of files to include in the archiveinvalidation file. Textures should be the only file type required. Note that including meshes in the archiveinvalidation file can cause oblivion to crash.

Ignore normal maps
If this is checked, normal maps will not be added to the archiveinvalidation file. In Edit BSA mode, normal maps in the BSA will not be edited.

Only include files which already exist in BSA archives
If this is not checked, all files in the data directory will be added to the archiveinvalidation file regardless of if they're actually overriding something. If it is checked, files will only be added to the archiveinvalidation file if a file with the same path and name already exists in a BSA archive. This option only has an effect in standard mode.

Only include files with matching extensions
If this is checked, obmm will check that files have the appropriate extensions for their folder before including them in the archiveinvalidation file. For example, anything in the meshes folder must have the extension '.nif'. This only has an effect in standard mode

Edit BSA entries regardless of type
This option only has an effect in edit BSA mode. If this is checked, all entries in the BSA files will be modified regardless of the file type. If this isn't checked, the 'File types to include' setting takes effect on the BSA archives themselves, as well as on the mini archiveinvalidation file.

Generate archiveinvalidation entries on hash collision
This option only has an effect in edit BSA mode. If this is not checked, the mini archiveinvalidation file will not be generated.

Display warning on hash collision
This option only has an effect in edit BSA mode. If this is checked, a warning dialog will be displayed each time obmm encounters a hash collision.

Pack face textures into redirection target BSA
This only has an effect in BSA redirection mode. If this is checked, instead of creating an empty BSA, the contents of the textures\faces folder will be included.

Autoupdate on exit
If this is checked, the archiveinvalidation file will automatically be updated every time obmm is shut down.

Update now
Click this to update the archiveinvalidation file there and then. It will display a small dialog containing the results.