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Oblivion Mod Manager 1.1.11
An oblivion meta-mod by Timeslip. Visit for any updates.
Contact by PMing Timeslip on the TES offical forums. (


.NET 2.0 or newer

You can get it from windows update, or from the links below. Most users want x86. Only use x64 if you have a 64 bit version of windows. If you install the x64 version, make sure you tick the checkbox to install the x86 bit version alongside it, or obmm will end up running as a native 64 bit process, and some features may not work as expected.


Managed DirectX 9.0c October 2005 update or newer
This is only used for the nif viewer. If you don't want to use it then there's no need to install this.

If you've installed a directx update from windows update or microsofts website recently, you should already have this. Note that the redistributables includes with games will probably be as old as the game itself, and may not include the required MDX component.

What it is
This is a program which can be used to manage your oblivion mod collection. It handles the installation and uninstallation of mods, and can also detect some conflicts between them. Never again will a mod overwrite some of your favorite textures without warning.

This program mainly deals with mods stored in the omod format. You can use it as a more advanced version of the data files menu on the oblivion launcher, but to use several of its features you will need to convert mods into omod format. As long as the modder has packaged the mod nicely, then this should be a simple case of clicking 'create omod', 'add archive', selecting your newly downloaded mod and clicking create. Even better, mods which are originally distributed in omod format can have scripts attached to automatically set up the correct load order of esps, manage conflicts, register bsa archives, make edits to oblivion.ini and more.

For the rest of this help file, I'll refer to Oblivion mod manager as 'obmm', mainly because I'm lazy, and partly because I want to encorage a 4 letter acronym so that I can search for it on the TES official forums.

obmm itself is available under the GPL. Please read it carefully if you wish to redistribute or modify obmm.

obmm uses source code from SharpDevelop, SharpZipLib and the SevenZip SDK.
All are available under the LGPL, which is the license by which I'm using them
Please visit their respective websites for the full source code and license information.

obmm uses precompiled components from 7-zip and rarlabs.

unrar.dll      : RarLabs
7za.exe      : 7-zip

obmm makes use of Niflib.

Full obmm source code is available from