Command line
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There are a few command line arguments available to obmm.

Forces obmm to start up in safe mode. If you normally run it in unsafe mode, but have accidently modified your data folder, launching obmm could end up corrupting obmm's save data. In this case, use this command line option to force obmm back into safe mode to start it up safely, and then switch it back to unsafe mode once it's started up.

Launches oblivion directly without starting up the main GUI first. (If you usually use the background process killer, this will be displayed like normal)

Launches obmm's BSA creator without starting up the main GUI first

Launches obmm's BSA browser without starting up the main GUI first

Launches the new conflict detector without starting the main GUI first

<omod file path>
Depending on your settings, this will either display information about the omod or will copy it to your omod directory

<BSA file path>
Opens up the BSA browser pointing to your chosen BSA file