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First off, thanks to everyone else who contributed something useful in the obmm thread on the TES forums. I cant remember everyone, but there are still a few names who spring to mind.

Dev_akm + Wonder Dog + DoomedMarauder + Scanti + more other people than I can count
For figuring out how the ArchiveInvalidation.txt file works. Or more accurately, how it doesn't work.

For noticing that archiveinvalidation was never really needed anyway.

For the idea to pack screenshots into omods. A simple idea, but one that I probably would never have thought of.

KazikluBey + Rio + Pseudopath + Malifrax + ASk + many more
For being unoffical beta testers, pointing out bugs or just generally risking the health of their oblivion installation to test new features.

Stargelman and the rest of the team
For hosting my oblivion mods website, saving you all from hundreds of invasive adverts and saving me from having to start a new free angelfire account every other day when my old one exceeded its bandwidth quota.

Wrye + GhostWheel + Rick + anyone else who participated in decoding the bsa/esp/esm/ess file formats
Because I suck at decoding file formats, and without this lot obmm wouldn't have its save lister, bsa browser, esp modifing script functions, conflict detetector, data file dependancy scanner or any of the other nifty utilities that involve pokeing about inside oblivions files.

Shon + the niftools team and anyone involved in decoding the nif file format
obmm uses niflib to extract lists of required texture files from nif's, making the 'scan for data files required by this esp' function a lot more accurate. It's also used in the nif viewer for both loading and saving nifs. Again, these are features which would not otherwise exist. Some of the nif viewers shaders are also based of some shaders used by nifskope.

For contributing code to allow the use of iron python in place of obmm's normal scripting language.

For contributing some code for simulated versions of some script functions.


obmm uses source code from SharpDevelop, SharpZipLib and the SevenZip SDK. (See the main page for licence info and links)
7-zip is used for compressing omod contents using the lzma algorithm.
SharpZipLib is used for compressing omod contents using the deflate algorithm, and for extracting/creating zip files.
SharpDevelop's TextEditor control is used in the script editor for the code highlighting abilities.

Thanks to the developers of these applications, without which obmm would probably be using .NETs sucky deflate class, and wouldn't have script highlighting at all.