BSA creator
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This utility allows you to create your own BSA files. BSA files can store almost any type of data file, and support compression. You cannot put movies, music, shader packages or .esm or .esp plugins into a BSA, but most other files should work.

The BSA file flags are set to what are believed to be appropriate values, but since we don't yet have a complete understanding of the BSA file format, there may still be missing features.

The files to be packed into the BSA are listed in the large list box. The path on the left is the path as it will appear in the BSA, and the path on the right is the path to the file on your hard disk. The left hand path can be edited by single clicking the text twice.

To add new files, you can use 'add file' to add individual files, 'add folder' to add the content of folders and 'add esp' to scan an esp for its required data files. If you use 'add file' or 'add folder' on a file/folder in your data directory, the BSA patch will automatically be set to the original location of the file. If you use 'add file' outside of your data folder, the file will be added to the root directory of the BSA and you will need to add the path in by hand. If you use 'add folder' on a path outside of the data directory, the paths will be set relative to the folder you choose, (i.e. your selected folder will be treated as if it was the data directory.) If you use 'add esp', the correct paths will be taken from the esp.

The final option you have is compression. By default the BSA is not compressed. If you select a 'Compress xx%' option, only files which compress to xx% of their original size will be compressed. (e.g. if you choose 'compress 80%' and a 100KB file compresses to 79KB, it will be stored compressed in the BSA. If it compresses to 81KB, it will be stored uncompressed.) If you choose 'compress all' then all files will be compressed. If you choose 'manual', then a checkbox will appear next to each file. Only files which you check will be compressed.

You also get to choose your compression levels. Higher compression levels will shrink the BSA, but will slow down BSA creation and may increase in game loading times.