Data file browser
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This utility allows you to see all data files which are installed into your data folder, as well as some basic information about them and the omods which they are parented to.

When first started, the utility will give you the option of treating files inside BSAs as if they were in your data folder. If you allow it to, the the utility will slow down massivly due to the huge number of files in oblivions BSAs.

The items are colour coded. Red items are not parented, green have at least one omod parent, blue are files from inside BSAs and black are folders.

You can see information about files by hovering the mouse over them.

You can click the sort button to sort everything into alphabetical order and to move folders to the top of their directories. Note that sorting can be very slow if you have a large number of files, or are using displaying the BSAs.

You can choose which items to display using the combo box in the bottom right. By default everything is displayed, but there are several other options available.