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30th of Janurary

And another very long time without updates. My computer failed on me shortly after christmas, which wasn't too much of an annoyance since it was getting a bit old and I was intending to replace it soon anyway, and the failure gave me an excuse to get it over with. The problem came because of a slight difference in the behaviour of windows explorer between win xp and win 7 which led to me deleting one of my backup folders instead of copying it. I lost all my scripts for building and publishing file releases and webpages, and hadn't got around to recreating them until now. (That was also the reason why fomm and sfall's check for update options haven't been picking up on the new versions until yesterday; I wasn't able to upload the version data files.) The only particularly annoying thing I lost was some better documentation I was writing for sfall; I'd actually gone through all the code and made a list of exatly what it was capable of doing, and how to use everything. :(

In release news, sfall is up to 2.2. The (rubbish*) multiplayer mode is now functional and the client is included, there's control over premade characters, (including the ability to add more than 3 options,) and the usual batch of new script functions and hook scripts. fomm has also been updated to 0.10.3, which improves archive invalidation, the save game list and the bsa browser.

*Yes, I am going to continue to repeat that it's awful every time I mention it.