MGE mods

These are mods which depend on MGE to work. Mostly they are small example mods to demonstrate MGE scripting, but there are a few which you may want to use in game. These haven't been tested with recent versions of MGE.

MGE example plugin (v1.2, 393kb)
This plugin adds a trap door to the middle of seyda neen. Contained within is a pile of shrines which change various global graphics settings. There is also a very basic, (and very low resolution, so don't expect it to look good,) bump mapping example.
- This plugin is supposed to demonstrate the basics of scripting with MGE, so all the scripts are well commented.
- Requires MGE 1.5 or later.

Timeslip's trinkets (v1.1, 3.60kb)
This adds 4 new scripted items for sale in the seyda neen trade house. Available is a night vision helm, (with a real night vision effect, not just a night eye spell,) a zooming bow, a staff of mist and an iconograph.
- Requires MGE 1.11 or later.

Zooming Bows (v2.3, 7.71kb)
This is a much improved version of my zooming bow script from Timeslip's trinkets. This plugin not only adds skill based zooming to every bow in the game, but also adds other configerable features to emulate the bows from thief.
- Requires MGE 1.9 or later.

Container/barter tweak (v1.0, 2.27kb)
This mod lets you pick up a whole stack of objects using the middle mouse button instead of having to hold down shift. As essential as the plain paper fix imho.
- Requires MGE 1.8b or later.

Improved alcohol effects (v1.2, 6.53kb)
This mod causes blurred vision, staggering and blindness if you drink too much alcohol.
- Requires MGE 1.11 or later.