Old blog posts from December 2006

16th of December 06

I've been having some slight PC difficulties recently, which I've decided to solve by the simple* method of buying a new PC. I have an E6600/2GB/8800GTS due next week. It was about time I dumped the 4 year old thing I'm stuck with at the moment anyway, and I also get the added bonus of twin monitors. :)

One of my older utilities has had a long overdue update; TESsnip 0.5 is out, and no longer mangles the layout of plugins when you resave them. It can also edit record headers and read subrecords over 2^16 bytes in length. Still no luck reading in oblivion.esm though, but I suspect that's more of a problem with TESsnips insane memory usage than a bug as such. Run it as a 64 bit process on something with 8 GB or so of RAM, and it should theoretically work fine. :p

In more interesting modding news, Shon has made a nif loader for ogre, as well as a morrowind BSA reader plugin, which I later added oblivion BSA support to. If possible, I intend to use ogre in the next version of MGE to finally get distant statics working, but there's also the possibility of obEdit or some similar tool getting a working render window.

*Although expensive :(