Old blog posts from November 2006

27th of November 06

obmm 0.9.11 is out.* Just a bugfix release this time, although I have finally got around to fixing the long standing bug with nested Select constructs. I also added a SelectString function, since the whole SelectVar requiring a variable thing seemed to be confusing people. The final big bug fix was for the BSA creator, which could cause it to create corrupt BSAs when including a folder which contained both files and subfolders.

Oblivions new DLC, 'Nights of the Nine' is also out. Bethesda seem to be handling it in their usual fashion - theyíve been caught out by their own well documented add topic bug, meaning that unless KotN is last in your load order you may find the quest line to be broken. They also managed to ship the american version of the patch with the european boxed version, somehow. The secured installers apparently donít work with vista either, although since obmm has its own issues with vista** I canít really complain about that. :p

For anyone interested in how much longer itís going to be before I make a version of obmm which doesnít require .NET, I gave it a quick scan with the mono migration analyser. You can see the results here. Mono's winforms implementation is certainly a lot more complete than it used to be; the majority of those issues are easily fixable now, but thereís still a couple of things that would cause a loss of functionality or would require a bit of rewriting. The p/invoke stuff doesnít matter much since Iím not trying to get it working cross platform yet.

*Actually, once again itís been out for ages before I got around to posting.

**Specifically, unless you set obmm to run as an administrator, windows will create a copy of all your BSAs (~4GB worth) if you try and use the BSA patcher. Your oblivion mods will all end up in a user specific virtual store too, although since that lets different users have completely different mod sets, including texture replacers, Iím tempted to call that a plus pointÖ

7th of November 06

obmm 0.9.10 is out.* 0.9.9 allowed omods to overwrite existing esps, and also fixed a rather huge bug when extracting conflicting omods; if you clicked no on the overwrite prompt obmm would skip the next file too. 0.9.10 adds syntax highlighting to scripts, using the TextEdtior control from SharpDevelop.** It also fixed a rather weird bug when trying to use animated images as previews. The PictureBox control doesnít support them apparently, so now obmm will just tell you that rather than replacing the graphics on every single button with huge red crossesÖ

*Actually, it was out ages ago, but Iíve only just got around to posting.

**Rather annoyingly, I used the 2.1 beta 1 version, and beta 2 was released the day after obmm 0.9.10 was. I donít know if there are any bug fixes that would have affected obmm, but it does apparently add support for code completion. When 2.1 final is out Iíll see if I can add code folding, smart indentation and code completion to obmm.